Volkswagen AWD 4MOTION Vehicles

Volkswagen 4MOTION® Technology

Volkswagen 4MOTION® gives drivers improved traction, acceleration, and off-road capability. In northern states, such as here in Boise, Idaho, all-wheel or four-wheel drive has long been considered essential for winter travel. Even in southern states, all-wheel drive has gained in popularity as a peace-of-mind feature for wild weather days.

How 4MOTION® Works

All-wheel drive does not mean all wheels drive all the time. That's actually a good way to burn fuel unnecessarily; instead, the 4Motion system uses an advanced electronic clutch on the rear axle that lets the rear wheels rotate while the front wheels power the Atlas and Atlas Cross Sport in everyday driving.

Volkswagen 4MOTION vehicle technology

Even when it's not engaged, the 4Motion system measures the wheel speed multiple times a second, looking for signs of wheel slip. The 4Motion software has been designed to engage before the vehicle's front wheels lose traction. The electronically controlled clutch can engage in a fraction of a second, sending up to 50 percent of the engine's power to the rear axle as needed. If an individual wheel begins to slip, the Electronic Stability Control can slow it down, sending more power to the wheel on the opposite side with traction.

Volkswagen Vehicles with 4MOTION® Capability

Volkswagen Atlas at Boise VW dealership near Nampa


Wherever you're going, whoever you're taking along, do it comfortably with the Volkswagen Atlas.

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Volkswagen Tiguan at Boise VW dealership near Caldwell


A stylish, versatile compact SUV that can fit your friends and easily pack whatever you need.

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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport at Boise VW dealership near Meridian

Atlas Cross Sport

There’s no doubt about it, the Atlas Cross Sport brings a fresh and modern look to every adventure!

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Volkswagen Atlas at Boise VW dealership near Eagle


Classic, yet elegant exterior styling that features an aerodynamic fastback design, the Arteon.

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