Buying vs Leasing a new VW car in Ada County

Buying vs Leasing a new VW at our Boise dealer in Ada County

Buying vs leasing a new VW. The choice is yours.

To help you make the best decision for your lifestyle, we compared the benefits of buying and leasing a car at a glance. Which road will you take?

Benefits of Buying

  • Ability to own for life of the vehicle and build equity

  • No end-of-lease obligations, such as excess wear and tear

  • No vehicle customization limits or mileage restrictions

  • Competitive rates and flexible terms from Volkswagen Credit

  • Leasing Benefits

  • May provide lower monthly payments than financing, over a similar term, while driving the latest models

  • Flexible lease terms and a range of mileage options available

  • Ability to turn-in your vehicle for a newer VW model, or buy your vehicle at a predetermined price at lease maturity

  • A range of mileage options that suit your lifestyle

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